Related article: out to Ft. Lauderdale, but I'll need directions to your apartment. I'll
call you along Preteen Nymphets Galleries the way, and more often as I approach Ft. Lauderdale. I
can't believe I'm doing this. I hope that Connie will get hold of herself,
and start living again. I am so excited. Love, Jeremy
Dear Jeremy: Bravo. I am as excited as you are. I can't wait to see you,
to hold you in my arms, to kiss you, and well, you know the drill. Drive
carefully. Come home safely. Love, Haley
Jeremy drove about six hours before pulling in to a motel. As soon as he
was settled in his room, he pulled out his cell phone and plugged in his
charger. He was just about to dial Haley, when the phone rang. It was
Connie. He decided to answer since she could not abuse him so many miles
from home.
"Where the fuck are you?" she yelled into the phone. "I got served with
divorce papers. The aide had to go to the door. You know I can't go down
the stairs. I want you home immediately. I'm starving, and I want you to
make my dinner."
Jeremy hesitated a long time before he said very calmly, "You can reach me
through my lawyer. I'm out of your life forever. From now on you can make
your own meals and look after your own house and your own business. I'm
done with it." He hung Preteen Nymphets Galleries up and dialed Preteen Nymphets Galleries Haley.
"I'm on my way," he said. "I expect you to make a party when I arrive."
"You're on," Haley answered. "First we'll have a party for two, and when
we have thoroughly exhausted each other, I'll make a bash and introduce you
to your new life."
It took Jeremy almost five days to cross the country. He didn't rush, just
wanting to enjoy the peace and quiet with nobody around to nag him. He
called Haley at least twice a day. As instructed, Jeremy called Haley from
a certain point, which Haley figured was about a half hour away. He gave
him directions to his building. Twenty five minutes later, he went to the
parking area and moved his car into a guest spot. He had instructed Jeremy
to park in his assigned spot, B102. He sat in his car and waited. His
heart was beating wildly.
A few minutes later a late model mini van pulled into his parking space.
It was a tan Chrysler Town and Country, just as Jeremy had described.
Haley jumped out of his car and ran to the mini van. He stood back as
Jeremy exited the car. God, the man was an Adonis. He had graying blond
hair, blue eyes, maybe a few extra pounds, which looked good on the six
footer. Besides, Haley enjoyed squeezing love handles when making love.
A few seconds later, Jeremy spotted Haley approaching him. He stared at
the man, who was so different than he was. Haley stood 5'10". He had
black hair which was now salt and pepper, hazel eyes, and a very lean body.
Jeremy liked what he saw.
"Haley?" he asked.
"Yes, Jeremy I presume."
The two men hugged, but did not kiss.
"Let's get all your stuff inside," Haley said. Then we can relax.
Haley had donated to charity much of the clothes he never wore anymore, and
he had made room for Jeremy's stuff in the closet Preteen Nymphets Galleries
and dresser drawers. It
would be a little tight in a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment, but they
could consider a larger place if things worked out. It took them almost
two Preteen Nymphets Galleries
hours to put all of Jeremy's stuff away. By the time they were
finished, it was lunch time, and Haley got an idea.
"Come," he said. "I'm taking you out for lunch." He took Jeremy's hand
and held it as they walked to a restaurant just two streets away. "We are
in the heart of gay Ft. Lauderdale, "Haley said, "and you are going to dine
among all gay men and maybe a few women."Jeremy gripped Haley's hand
tighter. Preteen Nymphets Galleries "You're making my dreams come true," he said in a raspy voice.
Summer heat and humidity had not yet invaded South Florida on this
beautiful spring day. They ate outside amidst gently flowing cool breezes
and delightful eye candy. After lunch they sat and chatted for awhile.
Jeremy kept ogling the tight bubble asses as they passed their table.
Finally he got bold and buried his nervousness. "I think I'd like to go
home and get better acquainted," he said.
The two men almost ran home. Once inside the apartment, they embraced and
kissed for the first time. Their tongues began a passionate duel, and they
kept kissing as they began to undress. They had to stop kissing to get
totally naked. They stood facing each other. Their dicks were hard and
hungry as they gave each other the eye.
Jeremy was about two inches taller than Haley. Neither was circumcised,
but their purple cockheads pushed out way beyond their foreskins. Haley
was now about six inches and Jeremy about seven. They stood immobile, just
staring at each other until Jeremy could stand it no longer. He fell to
his knees and enveloped Haley's cock in his eager mouth. He ran his tongue
all over the shaft as his lips pumped up and down. Occasionally he
withdrew and licked Haley's balls and even ventured towards Haley's crack.
Haley pulled Jeremy's head closer into him, not because he wanted his prick
deeper into Jeremy's mouth, but because he needed to steady himself, lest
he fall down on the floor.
Haley's moans grew to a roar as he exploded into Jeremy's mouth. Jeremy
was trying to swallow all that he could, and barely heard Haley murmur,
"Save some for me." They lay down side by side on Haley's bed, which was
now their bed. Facing each other, they continued their kissing duel.
Haley began to Preteen Nymphets Galleries
fondle Jeremy's unfulfilled dick. When he felt that he
could breathe again, he Preteen Nymphets Galleries leaned down and took Jeremy into him. He sucked
until he felt that Jeremy was about to cum. Then he stopped and let the
feeling subside. Reaching into the drawer of his bedside table, he
extracted a tube of lube. He coated Jeremy's cock generously and then his
own ass hole. He straddled Jeremy and slowly sat down on Jeremy's cock,
guiding it into his man hole amidst sighs of pleasure from both of them.
Haley rode Jeremy gently until he felt Jeremy start to cum, and then he let
loose, pumping hard. He was so lost in his own rapture, he almost missed
realizing that he was cumming for a second time. He could not remember a
time before this, when he had come twice in one session.
This day was their wedding day. Their future days were spent enjoying
their companionship. Their nights were filled with social events and
making love. They didn't always reach Nirvana, but in bed, they would kiss
and fondle until they fell asleep. Jeremy and Haley lived the life that
once they had both longed for, but it was better than either of them had
ever dreamed of, because they had each other. Their union was never
dreamed of in their original fantasies; being together made the fulfilled
dream perfect.
Author's Note: I tried diligently to make this story sound like gospel
truth. If you thought that it is true as you read it, then I did my job.
As an author, I often get letters similar to the first one that Jeremy sent
to Haley. From that simple core idea, I created the above scenario. I
assure you that it is pure fiction. Unlike the author in the story, I have
lived for many years with the number one best guy in the world.
Date: Sat, 07 Apr 2001 07:11:56 -0000
From: J-dot M
Subject: Cyberspace Web Dream
Cyberspace Web Dream
Written by JM
--- Welcome to an interlude that is apart of the Fan Appreciation Month.
The title came from Innosense's "www.fan-ta-see" This story is mainly
written from a chat perspective with no real dialogue between people except
for the beginning and the end. It has a connection to the story as all
questions revolve around the story in some way or another. I want to thank
all of the readers that came up with some of these questions (Some of you
gave me the same questions! LOL). So log in your username and type in your
password and prepare to enter a chat that does exactly what any chat does...
gives you answers! ---
"Adam, what's taking so long?" Danielle called out, shaking Preteen Nymphets Galleries
her friend's
shoulders as she stood behind him. Adam scrunched up his nose, rolling his
eyes as he continuously typed in his codes to access the site. "Yeah, come
on Adam. The chat's gonna start any minute." Carrie complained, reclining
back in her chair next to Adam. Adam typed a little louder, his aggravation
evident to the two girls. "And I better not miss when JC answers a
question. He's my favorite." Carrie gushed, leaning forward to watch as
Adam began to log in. Adam giggled quietly. "This coming from the girl
that tried to steal my Justin poster?" Adam beamed, turning his eyes from
the screen to look at Carrie. Carrie puckered her lips and furrowed her
brow. "Yeah, right. I was just trying to scan it to make a background for
my computer." Carrie sighed out. Adam shook his head, continuing to laugh
at his friend.
"Pay attention." Danielle insisted, yanking her friend's head back in the
direction of the computer screen. Adam shrugged out of her grip. He sighed
annoyingly and finished typing in his password, quickly moving the mouse
until it clicked on the confirmation button. "Besides, Justin's gay. I'd
never want him." Carrie boasted. "Yeah, and that's the way I like him.
Tall, lean, blonde, sexy, and gay." Adam grinned. Danielle quickly pushed
his head, annoyed by his constant babble. "Pay the fuck attention."
Danielle insisted. Adam grumbled lowly, focusing his eyes on the screen as
he tried to find the right chat room.
Carrie leaned closer, watching the names that appeared in the chat room.
"I bet all these girls think they're going to get JC too, but they're so
wrong." Carrie said with a shrill confidence running through her voice.

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